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Money Retrieved In Nov. 2019


We help businesses and everyday people who have put their trust in the wrong corporations. Our goal is to hit back as hard as we can and rescue your investment.


Our Back Stories


76 years old from NZ

“Thanks to RecoverFunds wouldn’t have been able to Graduate, you totally helped me hack into my school database and the grade change was done to perfection thanks once again..

QUENTIN CALVERT 76 years old from NZ

Enrique Ramires

49 years old from Spain

“Thanks to RecoverFunds i had my credit score changed you’ve really helped me and my husband tremendously, can’t thank you enough.

Enrique Ramires49 years old from Spain

Diana Petersen

53 years old from England

“Finally, Well i somehow had my doubts and just to set the records straight i hired "Skywalker" of RecoverFunds money wasn’t the issue i just needed a professional who was going to get this done well Aaron proved to be truly a Blackhat hacker he helped me Hack my Judy’s iPhone.

Diana Petersen 53 years old from England


welcome you to worlds number 1hire a hackerplatform. we a group of hackers from all around the world that provides a secure hire a hacker service and investigation.

When you fall victim to one of these schemes and scams, you may feel powerless and helpless to get any restitution. You may fear that your money may be gone forever, but fortunately, that’s not always the case. Indeed, there are ways you can get your money back. Read on below to see how you can recover your money and avoid scams in the future.

Hackers For Hire

The first question that people ask us is what kind of services do we provide? In the 21st century when the internet has been capitalized all around the world you must have come across some kind of internet theft. it may in terms of email hack, WhatsApp hack, snap chat hack, cell phone hack, pc hack, computer hack, password hack, website hack or any other social media hack. your private and confidential information is always compromised. we provide secure and confidential service to our customers that make sure that they get there account and data back. we provide you a unique and secure service with a clear mechanism and easy step to get your account back to you. we also provide investigations for a potential threat to you and make your data more secure.

More importantly, RecoverFunds will directly confront companies on your behalf, and will get you the restitution you deserve. The best part is, the company provides you with a human point of contact throughout the process, so you can be informed by experts who are well versed in dealing with scams and accumulating important wins.

How We Can Help

There are hundreds of way we can help you. You can consult us for free, Maybe we can be your best hacker for hire too.Your social media account like Facebook got hacked? You need a smartphone hacked or want to monitor your kids remotely? Need your email account recovered?

Or Other hackers for hire attacking your website or your database compromised ? We can help you! You can hire a hacker for all of these things. What a professional hackers for hire able to do:

  • A True Hacker can hack your computer and steal information. Instead he can also help you to protect from another hacker.
  • A professional hacker can compromise website and database security.
  • A professional Hacker can get social media account compromised or get back from other hackers.
  • A real hacker can compromise your sensitive information such as banking information.
  • A real hacker can take advantage of your emotion too. Because Real Hacker is best in social Engineering.

What is Ethical Hacking

Most of us do not know what a professional hacker is. As we have seen, many claim to be hackers. Suppose they have a certificate. What, then, have they become skilled hackers? However, we do not want to comment on others. The hacker is an exceptionally skilled person with computer or other technology. Knowing only one programming language, or even a certificate, does not make someone a hacker. The basic knowledge of a professional hacker?

    • A hacker can solve any kind of computer related problem. Because he is a skilled computer administrator.
    • A professional hacker can do any kind of networking. Because he is also a network engineer.
    • A professional hacker is a programmer. Because the hacker you want can write code for you. A professional hacker must be proficient in more than one computer language. .

Now the question is, what else can this professional hacker do? Very simple. After acquiring those basic things, he start working with computers, networks, websites, database etc security. See Below our capability as a Professional Hackers team!

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